Saint-Joseph AOP

Cave Saint-Désirat - Saint-Joseph AOP

Côtes du Rhône wines

Wine-growing area: from Chavanay in the north to Guilherand in the south, stretching for around 50 km along the right bank of the Rhône; 23 communes in the département of Ardèche and 3 in Loire.

Soils: light, schist and gneiss over granite bedrock.

Climate: temperate continental: warm, dry Summers, regular rainfall in the other seasons.

Exposure: south and south-east.

History: delicate and lively, this wine was already being sold in the 16th century. It was popular at the tables of the Kings of France. Between 1956 and 1969, all the vineyards in this part of Côtes du Rhône were grouped together as the Saint-Joseph appellation.