Cave Saint-Désirat - Events


This gallery, known as the Galerie de la Claux, was built in 1883 to protect the railway line, opened in 1869, from falling rocks. Perfectly preserved, we had the idea of turning it into a reception and activities area for our Company and the Saint-Désirat Winery.

It is 99 metres long and can hold up to 690 people. It is located in the middle of the Saint-Désirat hillside, growing under the Saint-Joseph appellation, itself crossed by a 1.4 km footpath.

A large platform in front of the entrance means coaches can manoeuvre very easily. Its position allows an outstanding view over the Rhône Valley. Suitable facilities mean the hall can be used in its entirety or in part.
The necessary services are available for caterers, and chairs are available. A bar completes the practical side of the gallery.

Hire : please enquire on +33(0)475 342205


The brotherhood of SAINT-JOSEPH of ROCHEVINE :

Drinking, tasting, sampling… Drinking a wine is an art that the Knights of the Brotherhood of Saint-Joseph of Rochevine like practising.
Dressed in their long black capes, wearing the tall hats the middle-class wine-growers used to wear in the Middle Ages, our valiant Knights have carried their banner to the four corners of the Earth – but they’ll be particularly pleased to welcome you to their solemn chapter, in the very heart of the Rochevine slopes, the favoured land for the Saint-Joseph, this precious nectar whose merits they are so delighted to extol.
They are all proud to wear the collar in azure and gold, the colours of the Vivarais region, the symbol of their entry into the brotherhood.

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