Cave Saint-Désirat - Foreword

Communicating to ensure our wines are better known… this is the intention of our Cave as we invite you to explore our new website.

Quality is the keyword for our Cave and for our winemakers who for more than 50 years have been working to develop it.

Bathed by the generous sunlight, Syrah, Roussanne, Marsanne, and Viognier vines thrive on the terraced plots supported by drystone walls.

Attentive to Mother Nature, our Cave’s wine growers are in love with the land, proud to perpetuate the know-how of their masters, and keen to produce quality wines. µ

Grape picking is exclusively by hand and is performed in the fashion of a sacred ritual.

Let us guide you around our wine cellars, our terraced vineyards, and do please come and enjoy our wines…

We hope to see you soon!