Biodiversity commitment

Cave Saint-Désirat - Biodiversity commitment

“Agro-Ecological Infrastructures at the service of Biodiversity and Vineyards !

The Conservatoire d’Espace Naturels Rhône-Alpes (Rhône-Alpes Conservatory of Natural Areas) and volunteer winegrowers of the Cave Saint-Désirat, have carried out a diagnosis of more than 30 ha of vines and their surroundings. They thus identified 10.3 ha of areas favorable for biodiversity: embankments, grass strips, wastelands, thickets... and more than 3.6 km of hedges and low walls !

The conservation and the effective agro-environmental management of these areas help maintain the wild flora and fauna in our vineyards. Many species of wild flora and fauna can be observed, as this photographic mosaic shows : from the small tortoiseshell to the european bee-eater, including the lizard orchid and the woodlark.

Would you be able to recognize any of them ? "

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